Dunkins Premium Marine Food
for Aquariums

Your aquatic pet’s nutrition is important to us which is why we provide excellent food for most aquarium pets.

We Are Ready To Pamper Your Aquarium Pets With The Best Local Sourced Nutrition

Justin grew up commercial fishing with his grandparents at their family-owned wholesale bait business – Dunkin Bait. He has gone from commercial fishing after school and weekends to being the daily operations manager of a successful business. Now, Dunkin Bait sells bait to 350 miles of Florida’s east coast providing bait stores with top quality products at the best price. 

Christina grew up loving the ocean along with all the fascinating creatures in it. Since Christina was a kid, she always had a fascination with animals and marine life. 

 When Justin and Christina met, they loved the idea of having a little piece of ocean in their home.  After  buying a 220-gallon and 110-gal reef tank they fell even more in love with the hobby which led to many fish mouths to feed. They decided to start making fish food because they felt like their money wasn’t going towards what they were buying. With experience in the industry they felt like they could provide their fish with a cleaner, more natural food. 

 They spent time researching and talking to local fish store owners about the core foods that fish enjoy. Then they started running trials with the fish food and testing it with the fish at home and in store to see what the fish desired most. Next thing you know they had their own mix that not only the fish liked but the carnivorous corals loved as well! They started selling “Dunkin’s Premium Marine Food” to the local stores in Daytona Beach with positive feedback , they decided to take the next step to expand their product. 

Red Eared Terrapin in aquarium.